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Bums in Montreal

We have very High Class bums in Montreal. I refuse to give money to them for two reasons: a) I don’t have change in my pockets and bulges my already bulged pockets and b) I figure they will use it for their varied addictions. So instead, I give them food or at least try.

Yesterday in the Metro, I tried giving some dark chocolate (70% pure) to some vagrant. He refused it had sugar and he didn’t eat sugar (one of us ill informed about sugar – everything or is converted into sugar). Anyway, I didn’t argue just shrugged and left.

Now, if that was the only time this had happened to me i would brush it off. But this now is the third time it happened. And you know what they say about the third time.

The first time was: I had bought some slices of Pizza and I couldn’t eat one of them so when I saw a beggar I offered it to him. He refused because he didn’t eat meat (religious reasons? I don’t know. But if my religion would say don’t eat neat even if your starving i would be smart enough to change religions.

The second time, I had a banana in my lunch bag hadn’t eaten yet and a bum happened to be begging so I offered him the banana but … you guessed it he didn’t eat bananas. So no more food to vagrants.

I did have one positive experience I offered some beggar one of my sandwiches and he ate it and liked it and thanked me (first experience).

So,one out of four as a baseball batting average it sucks; in baseball I would be tradded

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